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Happy 2013

I've been off and on on my wanting to lose weight. Then I get happy with my weight then I realized how ugly and fat I am.
I'm 144lbs. I need some one or some help. I don't care how. I want to be 100lbs. I want a friend to help and encourage me please?

I'm going to be on more constantly now. I promise so please join me in my journey of weight loss.

In need of tips?

Well, I'm back if anyone reads my journal. Maybe I shouldn't write this for an audience but for myself...
This is it, the last straw. I'm done looking in the mirror and seeing fat.
Fat thighs, fat stomach and love handles.
I'm done just complaining, so here goes my diet.
I know it will be hard. I know it will hurt. But it will be worth it when I see the results.
I have the will power of a piece of toast but I'm pretty sure I have a buddy in this so it should be easier.
I can get skinny and sexy, this is my goal...oh god I don't want to weigh myself right now... x.x

Slip up.

Date: 10/5/2011
Today I slipped up,
I gave in to hunger. I promised myself a little nibble then straight to the bathroom to puke. Well I was at school so I couldn't really puke in a public bathroom, I get home and family takes me out to eat...I'm so mad at my big fat self. -.-  I'll do better tomorrow...but I can still work out though...

My Stats

Date: 10/5/2011
Age: 18
Height: 5' 4
CW: 150
GW short: 120
GW long: 90
Current eating disorder: Ana/ Mia
Do you engage in any form of SI: I used to. Haven't in forever
How long have you had an eating disorder? Thoughts: since 4th grade, Actions: off and on from 7th grade-12th
What do you wish to receive from this community? Support... Add me to your friends! :)



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